Network Management Software


The iManager U2000 inherits all the functions of the original T2000, N2000 BMS, and DMS systems, and manages Huawei transport, IP, and access equipment in a unified manner. It uses scalable and modular architecture to meet various network management requirements and supports smooth upgrade from single-domain management to multi-domain management in order to meet the requirements of integrated network development.

  • E2E Service Provisioning:

  • U2000 supports E2E scheduling of IP, WDM, MSTP, microwave, and access services, achieving quick service delivery to fully meet customer requirements.

  • Quick and Accurate Fault Locating:

  • U2000 employs an intelligent fault analysis system to accurately locate a fault within seconds. It also supports correlation analysis of alarms to filter out approximately 85% of irrelevant alarms and improves the accuracy and efficiency of fault locating.

  • Visualized IP Management:

  • U2000 enables integrated and visualized management and one-click configuration. These features make the learning of IP technologies much easier for traditional O&M engineers and help operators achieve a total reduction in O&M costs.

  • Quick Integration with OSS Using Rich Northbound Interfaces (NBIs):

  • The NBIs supported by the U2000 include SNMP, CORBA, XML, and FTP. The U2000 can streamline the transport, IP, and access domains with any interface. Huawei has established a strategic partnership with mainstream OSS vendors worldwide, serving 60% of the global top 50 operators.

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