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FONST5000 is a 100G intelligent WDM transmission platform based on OTN for IP core services. The platform supports 96×100Gbit/s (9.6Tb/s) ultra long-distance transmission, with 5.4T OTH electrical cross-scheduling capability, fully supports ROADM dynamic wavelength scheduling and G.709 standard interface, with perfect wavelength and sub-rate Protect your strategy and give your network peace of mind.


FONST 5000 U/N series are high end large capacity multi-service packet optical transport platform applicable to various network levels, such as super backbones, backbones, and metropolitan layers. With centralized universal cell switching, FONST 5000 U/N series POTN support universal access, switching and transport of different service granularities such as ODU/VC/PKT, and can be configured as POTN/OTN/WDM/PTN modes dynamically according to specific applications.

FONST 5000 U/N series POTN integrate a variety of functions, including ROADM, T-bit universal switching, full-granularity grooming ranging from 2 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s, ASON/GMPLS, 10G/40G/100G/400G/600G/800G transmission, and various management and protection functions. FONST 5000 U/N series POTN are converged network product aimed to simplify network layers, reduce layered network elements, improve carrying efficiency and lower the total cost of ownership.

Service typesSTM-1/4/16/64/256,
System transmission capacity96*100Gbit/s 64*400Gbit/s
Electrical cross capacity per subrackN32: 32Tbit/s
U60: 12.8/25.6Tbit/s
U30: 8Tbit/s
U20: 5.2Tbit/s  U20E:8.8Tbit/s
U10: 2.4Tbit/s  U10E:4.4Tbit/s
Electrical cross granuleODU0/ ODU1/ ODU2/ ODU2e/ ODU3/ ODU4/ODUflex/VC4/VC3/VC12/Packet
Amount of service slotsN32: 32slots
U60: 64slots
U30: 40slots
U20: 26slots  U20E:22slots
U10: 12slots  U10E:11slots
Capacity per CardClient side: 1/2/4/8*100G, 20*10G, 32* 2.5G, etc.
Line side: 1*800G, 2*200G/400G/600G, 4*100G, 20*10G, etc
Protection typesPower/Power card/EMU card/Clock card/ASON control unit 1+1 redundancy
Fan/ cross card M+N redundancy, Client services 1+1
Optical channel/ optical line1+1/1:1, OCh/ODUk 1+1/m:n/Ring
Optical Multiplexing Sector Protection(OMSP)
PW/LSP path 1+1/1:1 and LSP Protection, SNCP 1+1/1:1,
Dual-Home protection, Ethernet LAG protection,
WRAPING protection, Switching time<50ms
DimensionN32 OTH sub-rack: 1803.3 mm(H)×492.3 mm(W)×330.1 mm(D)
U60 OTH sub-rack: 1444 mm(H)×530 mm(W)×570 mm(D)
U30 OTH sub-rack: 1676.5mm(H)x565.7mm(W)x295mm(D)
U20 OTH sub-rack: 1151.5mm(H)x568.3mm(W)x295mm(D)
U20E OTH sub-rack: 1154mm(H)x445mm(W)x286mm(D)
U10 OTH sub-rack: 541mm(H)x565.7mm(W)x295mm(D)
U10E OTH sub-rack: 541mm(H)x565.7mm(W)x295mm(D)
Optical sub-rack: 433mm(H)x565mm(W)x295mm(D)
SynchronizationPhysical layer clock synchronization and SyncE
External clock input / output interfaces
IEEE1588 V2 time synchronization protocol

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