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FiberHome FONST 4000

The fonst 3000/4000/5000 series otn platform are applicable to the backbone core layer, metropolitan core layer, metropolitan aggregation and edge access layer, characterized to superior expansion, excellent reliability and powerful maintainability.


Fonst 3000/4000/5000 series otn platforms

The fonst 3000/4000/5000 series otn platform are applicable to the backbone core layer, metropolitan core layer, metropolitan aggregation and edge access layer, characterized to superior expansion, excellent reliability and powerful maintainability.
the series support roadm, t-bit universal switching, power saving, full-gran-ularity (100mbit/s to 100gbit/s), ason/gmpls, 10g/40g/100g transmission, various management and protection.

FONST 4000


    • superior expansion capability

      support 40/48/80/96channels. a single wavelength supports up to 100gb/s and the maximum c-band capacity is up to 9.6tb/s. by upgrading, fonst series can potentially support 400g/1t service access in future

      multiple services suport:stm-1/4/16/64/256,ge/10ge/40ge/100ge, otu1/otu2/otu3/otu4 or san (storage area network) ,service expansion to adapt to future network needs

      up to 3.24tb/s sub-wavelength service cross-connect grooming and flexible single wavelength tmux functions, allowing higher bandwidth utilization

      can be configured as a roadm boasting powerful functions and supports smooth upgrades to the customer networks. a single node can support up to 8-dimensional network modes

      support physical layer clock synchronization and sync e, external clock input / output interfaces, ieee 1588 v2 time synchronization

      otu cards are compatible with in the fonst series, providing oth crossconnect grooming of odu0/odu1/odu2/odu3/odu4 granularity

      equipped with control plane, can implement automatic resource discovery and automatic end-to-end service assignment

      excellent stability

      support fec, super fec and soft decision super fec, 40gbit/s p-dpsk/rz-dqpsk and 100gbit/s pm-qpsk modulation, providing higher design margins enabling ultra-long haul and ultra-long span section transport capabilities

      line-based and single-wavelength-based supervision of indexes such as power, dispersion, osnr (optical signal noise ratio) and self-adaptive technology guarantees stable long term operation of the system

      the lowest power consumption compare to others vendor, helping users deal with over-heat problems and save power

    • high reliability

      the optical layer provides 1 1 optical channel, optical multiplex section protection and 1:1 optical line protection

      the electrical layer provides channel-based and oduk-based multiple service protection (1 1, m:n and ring network). chain, ring and mesh networks can flexibly select in protection modes so as to guarantee network security and reliability

      equipment level redundancy such as: power supply, ne management and electrical cross-connect units. the intelligent fan unit has sufficient air flow so that any single fan can be shut off for maintenance

      powerful maintainability

      statistical analysis of optical power, osnr and error rate (q value,for 100g platform).reports and optimize them automatically,providing automatic balancing of the channel optical power, automatic control of the line optical power, automatic compensation of the line optical power and card automatic discovery.

      supports standard g.709 interfaces, abundant otn overhead for wavelength services, traditional osc and single-wavelength-based esc supervisory channel, resolves poor protection of traditional wdm and weak nms supervisory.

      incorporating the iams (integrated maintenance system), support overall analysis of alarms and performance to isolate faults rapidly and precisely.give an advance warning of the possible degradation trend, to enhance the stability of the otn network operation

      support designing network topology, service route and equipment configuration conveniently by using network planning tool (fiberhome otnp), simulating and analyzing faults to assist users in planning

    • *for detailed technical information, please contact the sales staff of fiberhome or refer to the latest version of the product manual. the final interpretation right of this page belongs to fiberhome.

    • the fonst series support multi-service, large-capacity and transparent transmission network applications, used in convergence layers of lan and man networks, the core layer of the backbone network or the core and convergence layers of lan and man networks.

      the fonst series can establish a complete otn end-to-end network, a hybid network with sdh / ptn or data equipment to provide a complete transport layer networking solution.

    • featurespecifications
      standard otn architecturefull support of   g.709
          oduk cross-connection of all granularities
          oduk and roadm hybrid cross-connection
      system transmission capacityup to 96 wavelengths   at 10gbps, 40gbps and 100gbps
          system transmission capacity up to 9.6t
      oth cross-connection capacityfonst 5000:   oduk(k=0/1/2/3/4),oth xc capacity up to 3.24t
          fonst 4000: oduk(k=0/1/2/3/4),oth xc capacity up to 1.44t
          fonst 3000: oduk(k=0/1/2), oth xc capacity up to 360g
      full range of service interfacesstm-1/4/16/64/256,   oc3/12/48/192/768, fe/ge/10ge/100ge,
          escon/ficon, fc100/200/400/800/1200, otu1,otu2,otu3,otu4,
          dvb/hdtv, etc.
      topologyring,multi-ring interconnect,mesh,linear add/drop
      protectionelectrical layer optical layeroptical layer
      och 1 1   sncp protection
          och m:n sncp protection och ring
          oduk 1 1 sncp protection
          oduk m:n sncp protection oduk ring
      optical channel 1 1 route   protection
          optical channel 1 1 wavelength protection
          1 1 optical multiplex section protection
          optical line 1:1 protection
          optical line 1 1 protectioni
      flexibleotu cards designtwo working modes of   otu: transponder otu and tributary-line independent.
          by tributary-line independent cards mode, the fonst series can perform   quick
          provisioning, quick restoration, lower tce and lower toe.
      amount of service slotsfonst 5000:64 slots,54   slots for service access
          fonst 4000:32 slots,27 slots for service access
          fonst 3000:28 slots,26 slots for service access
      physical dimensionsfonst   5000:1045mm(h)*562mm(w)*543mm(d)
          fonst 4000:1045mm(h)*563mm(w)*280mm(d)
          fonst 3000:947mm(h)*496mm(w)*285mm(d)
      typical power consumptionfonst 5000:4000w, fonst 4000:3000w, fonst 3000:1500w
      electromagnetic compatibility standardsiec61587, iec60917,iec60297,iec60297
      safety standardsen60825-1, en60825-2,   en60950-1, iec60825-1, iec 60825-2,
          iec60950-2001, ul60950-1:2003
      synchronizationphysical layer clock   synchronization and synce
          external clock input / output interfaces
          ieee1588 v2 time synchronization protocol

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